Thursday, August 27, 2015

Live on the Lake in the Berkshires

We finally made it to Live on the Lake! (For the very last concert of the summer.) We've had it on our list to go but for one reason or another kept putting it off... so last night was our last chance, and nothing would stop us!  We met up with Ben after work and I performed an amazing parking maneuver and the adventure was on.  Maisy Lou was so happy to be someplace new -- it's totally her jam, just checking everything and everyone out. So content and friendly and fun, this one.

Pittsfield people watching is pretty grand -- I brought my fancy camera fully anticipating taking photos of strangers.

Also spectacular: the Onota Lake sunsets.

And if that weren't enough, there was a bit of divine providence on our timing... look who we bumped into!  And, better yet -- got to spend the evening with!!  Bobby jumped up into Chloe's arms, wrapped his legs around her waist and his arms around her neck and did't let go for five minutes. I could've collapsed into a puddle of tears, but had my trusty lens to filter the scene through.  Oh, how I've been missing this girl.

We ate some crazy good food from Lucia's Latin Kitchen -- and probably I should've taken a photo of the kebobs and rice instead of the empty plates, but I was starving apparently!

The band was Madison Ave (I heard a rumor that the lead singer was the winner of "Berkshire Idol" although I didn't know that was a thing...) and they played mostly (or all) covers, which was cool with me because they finished off with a couple of my jams. (Yup I just said "jam" again and I'm rolling with it.) (And I'm rolling with all the parentheses too because I just love grammar, that's why.)

We got ice cream of course (I think we've each eaten our weight in ice cream this summer-- whoops). Maisy is well-versed in the routine; she starts freaking out the moment she sees the list of flavors.

We lingered as the sun set and walked back to the car, and three fell asleep still slightly sticky in the backseat on the drive home.

Summer ain't over yet -- here's to making the most of our final days of freedom!

Monday, July 27, 2015

happy birthday, gram + #waylatergram {a cali vacation post}

Ben's grandmother is celebrating her 93rd (ahem I mean 43rd!) birthday today!! Soooo.... in honor of "California Gram" I'm doing a little flashback blog of Cali vacation pics from January. I call these my "waylatergram" pics because they're from the little sony pocket camera which I used to use as my carry-around camera and then never plug in until months later. And here we are, months later.  And here we were, in California visiting the kids' great-grandmother.  Some previously unpublished pics from the family vacay... (It's crazy looking at these three littles and how much they have both changed and stayed the same these past six months!)

{I've got to interject a couple of comments here... above: Bob was digging the elevator ride to Gram's condo and once while we were all outside he insisted on going up to pee by himself.  Afterwards he emerged from the building all Urkel-pantsed and serious-faced and mature.  and, below: a photo by Bob. I love these blurry, low angle kid shots -- the very picture of a childhood memory.}

{Another interjection: We were telling Owen about how he was crawling up this lifeguard stand back when he was not quite one year old and he said, "But I still can crawl!" And then he demonstrated as proof that he is still totally cute.}

{Back in January Maisy was content to sit and play in the sand.  If this were today she'd be making a bee-line for the water and trying to swim out to sea.}

{My husband likes to A. use all the crazy photo filters, and B. take pics of me breastfeeding in public in order to support the cause, whatever the cause is exactly because I'm always a little confused on that.  Here are a couple more for your collection, honey.}

I've got one more batch of Cali photos up my sleeve, featuring a few fun things we did this time around in the Redondo Beach area, so stay tuned...

For now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRAM, from the whole Burgess clan.  And, goodnight!
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